Federal authorities have arrested a disgraced former journalist from St. Louis for making a number of threats in opposition t Jewish associations as part of a vicious cyber web campaign towards a former lover.

Juan Thompson, 31, became arrested with the aid of the FBI in St. Louis on Thursday for allegedly making bomb threats against at the least eight Jewish group facilities, the U.S. lawyer’s workplace stated.

Thompson is speculated to have engaged in ‘a campaign to annoy and intimidate’, prosecutors referred to.

Thompson is a former journalist who became fired from The Intercept after it was learned he had fabricated costs and invented sources.

The news site, which makes a speciality of national security agen sbobet concerns, stated last year that Thompson used false e-mail debts to impersonate others.

He turned into additionally found to have attributed quotes to people in information experiences although these individuals later mentioned they were never interviewed.

Thompson was charged in manhattan with cyberstalking a lady by means of ‘communicating threats to JCCs within the woman’s identify.’

If convicted, Thompson faces up to 5 years in federal detention center. he’s due in a St. Louis federal court docket on Friday.

Federal authorities have arrested Juan Thompson above, a disgraced former journalist from St. Louis, in reference to a few threats made against Jewish institutions

Juan Thompson, 31, is a disgraced former journalist fired from The Intercept for fabricating costs. He turned into charged through the federal government with cyberstalking

individuals are evacuated from the David Posnack Jewish neighborhood middle in Davie, Florida, on February 27 after a bomb danger. Thompson allegedly made threats against eight Jewish institutions within the identify of a former lover

Thompson ‘seems to have made at least eight of the JCC threats as part of a sustained campaign to annoy and intimidate’ the lady after their romance ended.

about a hundred Jewish facilities were threatened in contemporary weeks. in addition, Jewish cemeteries had been vandalized and headstones knocked over.

Thompson will even be wondered concerning the tombstone desecrations, authorities stated.

On Monday, 21 bomb threats have been phoned in to 13 JCCs and eight Jewish schools in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, big apple, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia.

Thompson is additionally purported to have sent ‘defamatory emails and faxes’ to the girl’s supplier as well as ‘false reviews of crook activity’ by way of the girl.

Thompson is additionally purported to have despatched ‘defamatory emails and faxes’ to the lady’s supplier in addition to ‘false stories of criminal activity’ by way of the woman. He also used his Twitter to feed to allege that she turned into stalking him and making an attempt to frame him

Federal authorities also say that Thompson used his Twitter feed to allege that the girl in question made threats in opposition t him as well as President Donald Trump

The tweet above became referred to through the federal govt in its complaint in opposition t Thompson. right here he tweeted that the girl in query was ‘a grimy anti-Semite’

Federal authorities allege that Thompson had falsely claimed that the lady possess infant pornography again in October.

When questioned concerning the claim in November, Thompson informed investigators that his internet became hacked.

The government alleges that Thompson started to make threats against Jewish associations back in January.

On or about February 21, Thompson allegedly emailed a risk to the ny places of work of the Anti-Defamation League.

A St. Louis Police automobile is viewed backyard of Thompson’s domestic in St. Louis on Friday

‘The woman is behind the bomb threats towards jews,’ the e mail examine. ‘She lives in nyc and is making greater bomb threats day after today.’

the following day, the ADL bought a telephone call stating that explosive materials had been placed in its midtown manhattan office.

The federal govt also alleges that on or round February 7, a JCC in manhattan bought an emailed bomb danger from an nameless myth.

‘Juan Thompson put two bombs in the workplace of the Jewish center these days,’ the electronic mail read. ‘He desires to create Jewish newtown the following day.’

‘Newtown’ is a reference to Newtown, Connecticut, the web site of a December 2012 faculty taking pictures that left 26 americans dead, among them 20 toddlers.

On or about February 21, Thompson allegedly emailed a possibility to the new york offices of the Anti-Defamation League seen above

Federal authorities also say that Thompson used his Twitter feed to allege that the lady in question made threats towards him in addition to President Donald Trump.

Thompson claimed in the tweets that the lady became making an attempt to frame him.

‘Y’all comprehend the way to get a fellow employee in ny barred?’ he tweeted on Monday. ‘i am being stalked and burdened by a white detestable white lady in NYC.’

He tweeted that he had been puzzled by using the FBI and the secret carrier who were investigating the matter.

‘the secret provider visited me looked at my tweets, questioned my politics bc some awful white girl I date suggested me,’ Thompson tweeted the same day.

‘I won’t be silenced.’

The ADL tweeted on Friday that the suspect in the back of the risk had been arrested

In a pinned tweet on his narrative, he wrote a rambling notice full of accusations in opposition t the girl and ‘the racist FBI.’

‘Two years ago, after swearing off white ladies, I started dating one,’ he tweeted.

‘She gave the impression of a cool Brooklyn white radical. there were sic warning signals though; she didn’t inform me she had herpes until AFTER we attached; she referred to as me a thug, in an approving manner, because she liked i used to be donning Js and balling shorts after the gymnasium; and he or she referred to as herself captain shop-a-thug – a reference to the category of black guys she dated.’

‘We broke up after somebody showed me the light, and given that then she’s stalked and stressed me,’ he wrote. ‘She threatened to have me killed, and referred to she changed into going to make me a prison ‘statistic’ and seemed forward to me being ‘raped’ in penitentiary.’

‘The woman is a clinical sic director at a well-known NYC non-income.’

‘She, even though i can’t show it, even despatched a bomb danger in my identify to a Jewish core, which was bizarre given her anti-Semitic statements.’

‘I got a discuss with from the FBI. So now I’m struggling with the racist FBI and this vile, irascible, racist white lady.’

‘I’m afraid…we comprehend what occurs when white women exercise the legislation to go after black guys.’

On Sunday, Thompson re-tweeted a number of information reviews in regards to the bomb threats in opposition t the JCC in addition to other ancient articles and references to anti-Semitism and the Nazis.

‘The hatred of Jews goes throughout all demos,’ he tweeted in a post that was referenced within the US attorney’s workplace criticism.

‘Ask NYC’s organisation of the woman in query,’ he tweeted. ‘They employ a grimy anti-Semite. These ppl are infamous.’

‘Thompson’s alleged pattern of harassment now not most effective involved the defamation of his feminine sufferer, however his threats intimidated an entire community,’ FBI Assistant Director-in-can charge William Sweeney pointed out.

‘The FBI and our partners retract these crimes seriously.’

After Thompson’s arrest, Jewish group leaders met with FBI Director James Comey.

The JCC affiliation of North the united states talked about Friday’s meeting covered dialogue of threats directed in opposition t Jewish associations in the past two months.

The affiliation says the Jewish community is deeply grateful for the FBI’s ‘brilliant effort.’

It says representatives left the meeting ‘with the maximum self assurance’ that the agency will work to resolve the count soon.


On February 2, 2016, the editor-in-chief of The Intercept, Betsy Reed, posted a be aware explaining that Juan Thompson, who labored as a reporter for the information web page, had fabricated costs and invented news sources all over his two-year stint.

Reed wrote that Thompson had created false electronic mail accounts that he then used to impersonate americans, including Reed herself.

The Intercept conducted an investigation which discovered that on three activities, americans have been quoted despite the fact that they had certainly not definitely been interviewed.

certainly one of Thompson’s most sensational ‘scoops’ changed into a now-retracted myth involving Dylann Roof, the white gunman who killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, in June 2015.

certainly one of Thompson’s most sensational ‘scoops’ was a now-retracted memoir involving Dylann Roof above, the white gunman who killed 9 black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, in June 2015

in line with the discredited document, a person identified in the sage as Roof’s cousin observed that the gunman ‘variety of went over the part when a girl he appreciated starting courting a black guy two years back.’

Thompson also fabricated charges attributed to a Chicago group activist, Jasson Perez, in a chronicle about police brutality.

‘If people concept the Ferguson municipality changed into imperfect, wait except they see Chicago,’ Perez is quoted within the memoir as saying.

A subsequent investigation via The Intercept printed that Perez was certainly not even interviewed.

yet another yarn via Thompson bore the headline: ‘Black Lives be counted activists blocked from getting into Trump crusade rally.’

The common story quoted a pair purported to be Trump supporters who spoke of that they supported the candidate as a result of his tough policy proposals on immigration.

The article examine: ‘”They should be monitored and surveilled,” pointed out the woman, who changed into only willing to be recognized as Kathy from Buckhall, Virginia. “We don’t need an inflow of this in the united states. We’ve bought to stop it.” Her husband mentioned, “That’s what we like about Trump, he’s no longer petrified of the backlash. He tells the fact”.’

The Intercept found that the girl who became quoted on no account attended a Trump rally, nor turned into she a Trump supporter.

She also told The Intercept that she become by no means even interviewed with the aid of Thompson.

‘In his reporting Thompson also used costs that we cannot examine from unnamed people whom he claimed to have encountered at public activities,’ Reed wrote.

‘Thompson went to brilliant lengths to deceive his editors, developing an email tale to impersonate a source and mendacity about his reporting methods.’